What is an Introduction?

What do you think of when you’re told to write in introduction? Well, there are at least 2 kinds of introductions in Toastmasters.

First, is the type of introduction that you give when you first meet someone. It gives a brief synopsis of who you are, your personal background and maybe some outstanding accomplishments. For instance – I come from a small farming community, my family traveled a lot when I was growing up, I have a PhD in chemistry . . .

The other type of introduction is the one that should be prepared to give to the Toastmaster of the Day to help introduce the speech that you are about to deliver. It can save one to two minutes of your speaking time if you let the Toastmaster give you a proper introduction. For instance – If you are going to read a historic poem or speech, it would be beneficial to know who originally wrote or prepared the text, a description of the timeframe and location that is in the theme of the presentation. These things help the audience understand your basic material before you start speaking. Yes, you could do all of this yourself, but it will cut into your speaking time.

Think of this as what usually occurs on a television show that occurs weekly. Its a bridge. Sometimes they will describe what happened during the last week or episode. Then they can launch into the new show because they have connected you to the last show.

So when you sign up for your speech, please provide the second type of introduction. We usually know who you are and it gets boring hearing about all of the letters of the alphabet behind your name.