Use of Technology to your advantage at SG Online

28 Jun 2020 

Dear SG Online member

Use of Technology to your advantage at SG Online

As we are a 100% online club at SG Online, we used a lot of technology to help us manage the weekly meeting.  

Zoom Only Meeting

Zoom is the preferred online meeting tool that are mostly used.  

Since we meet 100% online, we use the Zoom meeting or Zoom Webinar (add on cost) a lot. We might purchase a Webinar option for another USD$40 USD/100 attendee when there is a need and demand to do so.

Since the Zoom Webinar option is chargeable, we had to turn off attendees’ video during the workshop to stimulate Webinar format. Only the Timer, Speaker, will be shown using a panel format that is similar to Webinar format.

Toastmost – Booking of Speaking Slot/ Meeting Roles

Toastmost were originally set up on Nov 23 2019  to use when the club first chartered. Due to time constraints, I do not have time to setup Toastmost as we are already using Easyspeak

Easyspeak is using a shared database in an content management systems that members faced with multiple login issue, time-out.

Toastmost is using single database and have more features than Easyspeak and members can use their Gmail/Facebook account to login instead of remembering login id and password that they might have.

The setup on hold till Apr 2020 when the increase of new members and I had to spend time working on Toastmost.

Meeting Roles Assignment

Allocation and assignment of meeting roles are at the discretion of the VPE and CP according to the Club Leadership Handbook.

The re-allocation and assignment of the roles are being done in this way due to the level of members and evaluators as to improve member skill-based. (This is not an easy task to allocate.

Please add SG Online Zoom meeting to Google Calendar / Mobile Device Calendar on your mobile device.

Every week, we noticed members asking for Zoom Id and password.

We even have weekly meeting poster highlighting the Zoom meeting Registration link.

After registration on the Zoom meeting, you can add All SG Online Zoom Meeting entry to your calendar to access the encrypted zoom meeting link. 

Registration had been enabled to communicate Guests through email so that Club Officers can communicate/invite them again. In marketing, this is called Lead Marketing.


Setting up a new club as a Club Sponsor required me to get my hands dirty as leader, I did not have time to communicate enough with everyone in the last 8 months.

There will be more communication note like this from your Club Officer in the new term starting 1st Jul 2020.


Willie Loh, CP,SG Online English