SGIPodcast site for SG Online English Toastmasters Club members

A podcast website service had set up to help members of SG Online English Toastmasters Club who wishes to learn how to set up a podcast.

What you will get to learn.

  • Learn how to setup podcast
  • Learn how to record the podcast
  • What content will attract listeners to hear from you?
  • What equipment to have.
  • Coaching service
  • A radio-talk show (coming soon).

We can conduct online workshop talks to enrich Toastmasters so that they can set up a podcast on their PC/mobile device.

Most important is you can login using your Gmail to listen to free content once it is available.

I had registered SGIPODCAST.INFO, and the website ( is currently set up in the progress

There are already three external parties who are interested in providing the contents.

SGIPodcast will serve another educational platform for a member of the SG Online English Toastmasters Club to improve their public speaking skills.

We will let you know when the website is fully operational.

Willie Loh