Roles – Topicsmaster

(With permission from Buddies Online Toastmasters Club VPE Jenny)

Taking on this role improves organization skills, time management and facilitation skills.

The Topicsmaster delivers the Table Topics® portion of the meeting, which helps train members to quickly organize and express their thoughts in an impromptu setting. As Topicsmaster, you:

  • Select topics in advance of the meeting that allow speakers to offer opinions.
  • Give members who aren’t assigned a speaking role the opportunity to speak during the meeting by assigning impromptu talks on non-specialized themes or topics.
  • Don’t ask two people the same thing unless you specify that it is to generate opposing viewpoints.
  • In clubs presenting a Best Table Topics speaker award, ask members to vote for the best Table Topics speaker…

1. Prior to the Meeting  

Communicate with Toastmaster of the day, confirm the meeting theme. Then, pick your Table Topics theme. Preferably, something reflects the meeting theme (not mandantly). For example, if the meeting theme is “Forward”, your Table Topics speech can be “Future”, “Change”, “Progress” and so on. Prepare the questions (see reference site list below), easy to understand for English as second language speakers.

2. During the Meeting

[Toastmaster of the day will introduce you as the Table topic Master]:

Thank you, Madam/Mr. Toastmaster.

Table Topics  help us develop our ability to organize the thoughts quickly and express. Guests are welcome to participate if they wish.

*If the Toastmaster of the day explained, you can skip this portion.

Table topic time length is between 1 minute to 2 minutes. Today’s meeting theme is “**** (Toastmaster of the day’s pick)” So my Table topic theme is  [something related to the meeting theme will be preferred].

Let me remind you the word of the day [Repeat the word that is provided by Grammarian]. You are encouraged to use it.

Now, I am going to pick a Tabletopics speaker.

[Pick someone who doesn’t have meeting roles (please avoid evaluators, TP gives them time to conclude their evaluation)] *If the Zoom-Master spotlights someone, go with the person.

[name] Are you ready to take the challenge? (if yes) [Questions……….]

If no, and if the participant is apologetic, make sure she/he feels OK by saying something like “No problem, we respect your choice. Now I will pick someone else…” and pick someone else. *If the Zoom-Master spotlights someone, go with the person.

*If the meeting has 3 speakers: After 2 or 3 participants, ask the Toastmaster or President how many more speakers you can pick.

*If the allocated time was used, end the Table Topics.

*Rule of thumb: 40min – 43min after the meeting starts hour, you should wrap up your Table Topics.

“Thank you for your participation.

The Zoom system will bring our voting box for you shortly.

Please click your favorite Table Topic speaker. I will announce the result at the end of the meeting.

Back to you, Madam/Mr. Toastmaster.”


Reference sites for Table Topic Ideas:–365-sample-table-topics-questions.pdf

Table Topic Master Role gets credit towards your CL. Project:Project 1, Listening and LeadershipProject 4, Time Management

Project 5, Planning & Implementation

Project 7, Developing Facilitation Skills