Role – Sergeant at Arms

(With permission from Buddies Online Toastmasters Club VPE Jenny)

Sergeant at Arms

You keep track of the club’s physical property, such as the banner, lectern, timing device, and other meeting materials. You arrive early to prepare the meeting place for members, and you stay late to stow all of the club’s equipment. You are also in charge of the meeting place itself, obtaining a new space when necessary, and maintaining contact with the people who allow you to use the space for your club meetings. The sergeant at arms also has a role to play during business meetings, speech contests, and other special club events. For example, the sergeant at arms escorts potential new members outside of the club’s meeting place while the members vote on admitting them to the club. The sergeant at arms stands at the door while contestants compete in speech contests to ensure that the speaker is not interrupted by latecomers. Stay current on all new developments via The Leader Letter and the announcements published on the Toastmasters website.

In Buddies online club, the Sergeant at Arms is responsible for opening meetings and welcoming guests…

SAA Greetings

SAA Greeting Purpose

  • Make sure guests to feel that Buddies are welcoming them
  • Notify that the meeting will be recorded, but guests can control their exposure

SAA Duties

Please be in the meeting room at least 2 minutes before the official meeting start time.

Your greeting starts 1min before the top of the hour. (The Meeting chair or Club president  will call you)

You have 1-1.5 minutes, so you can be creative. Please express your wonderful welcoming vibes to the world!

Sample (basic – you can be creative!)

Welcome to Buddies Online Toastmasters!
I am ________________________, Buddies Acting Sergeant at Arms for the club. (Say “Buddies Acting Sergeant at Arms” if you are filling in SAA)

This meeting will be recorded. Should you not wish to be included, please turn off your webcam. The camera control should be on the bottom left corner of your screen. Although we encourage you to show your beautiful smiles because we LOVE to see your reactions, we respect your choice.

Now, *** (Zoom account holder) please start the recording. Back to you, Mr/Madam Toastmaster.