Evaluation Policy

The Club Policy on Evaluation:

Assignment of Evaluator to Speaker

An evaluator is assigned to the speaker with the right skills, knowledge and experience related to the project manual speech. This helps to develop the skills of the speaker.

The assigned evaluator can only be finalized by Friday 12 noon GMT+8. The speaker can then proceed to send the evaluation form to the evaluator.

Evaluation forms

The evaluation form is available online (see the link beside the speaker.

The evaluation can log in to https://sgonlineengtmclub.toastmost.org/ to update the evaluation of the speaker.

What to expect after the meeting:

Do expect delays of 1-2 months in receiving written evaluation forms from the evaluators.

You can use the Members tab at SGOnline Toastmost to find the contact details of the evaluator to follow up with the evaluator.


Should the assigned Evaluator be unable to attend the chapter meeting and thus be unavailable to be the Evaluator, the TMD/TME and VPE has the right to assign another Evaluator, conduct a round robin evaluation or a silent evaluation (as a last resort)