How to login using your social media account

(This only apply to members of SGI Online English Toastmasters Club) Non-members of SGI Online English Toastmasters Club, Please seek support at our Facebook Page .

  • First Go to
  • Click Login to Sign Up for Roles

Choose “Continue with Google” or “Continue with Facebook”

Follow the instructions

Controversial Speech Topics

Members often hear “through the grapevine” that speeches concerning politics, religion and sex are forbidden by Toastmasters International because “such controversial subjects are not appropriate.”

This is not true. Toastmasters International does not prohibit any speech topic, content or language.

Toastmasters International recognizes that club members may learn much about the world around them from listening to others’ speeches on a variety of subjects. This variety can add interest to club meetings and stimulate thoughts and ideas. For these reasons, Toastmasters International does not place restrictions on topics, content or language in any speech.

Toastmasters International also recognizes that a club comprises a diverse group of people and recommends that members be mindful of this diversity, using good taste and sensitivity when selecting speech topics, content and language.

While Toastmasters International has no organizational restrictions along these lines, each individual club does have the right to limit speech subjects, content and/or language, with the consensus of its members. Club leaders should guide their members on how to observe good taste and sensitivity in the context of that particular club.

Club websites are useful vehicles clubs can use to advise members and guests of any policies that have been decided. Presenting information on a club website helps maintain consistency as leadership changes. Additionally, it allows transparency and clarity for club members so they can periodically review the established practices of their club.

Please inform the SG Online Executive Committee if you wish to present a speech topics on Controversial Speech Topics in advance and we let you know if it is fine to proceed.

Source: Toastmasters International

SG Online Zoom Room Meeting Policy

Sg online zoom room had been setup for Registration and Passcode Protected.

Upon entry to SG Online Meeting, you would be muted.

Only the following meeting roles will be UNmuted.

  • Toastmaster of the Day
  • Table Topic Master
  • Table Topic Speaker (They can put in the chat as TT, the Zoommaster or Table Topic Master will unmute the speaker)
  • Speaker (When their turn to speak)
  • Evaluator (When their turn to speak)
  • Grammarian 
  • Ah Counter

Everyone will be Unmuted during break time and Muted after the break time.

Co-Host will be assigned to

  • Toastmasters of the Day – To start recording, pause recording.
  • Table Topic Master – To unmute Table Topics Speaker
  • SAA of the meeting – To assist in the unmuting and muting audience.

For speakers who need Share a Presentation

  • You can make a prior arrangement by informing the Toastmaster of the Day who will consolidate the list of speaker and send to the Club President by Thursday so that he will know who needs to share screen.


IT will be set as Open Chat as we want open interaction and we had disable private chat.

Booking of Zoom Room is subjected to Availability.

SG Online External Workshop Policy


  • Availability of Zoom Meeting Slot and Zoom master schedule.
  • Events Relating to Communication and Leadership Topics.

Social Media Publicity

  • We will promote our events/meetings using Poster.
  • We will publish the poster through Social media through our chain of channels mode.

Release of Recording Policy

  • We reserve the right to decide on the release of recording to the public or Club Members.
  • When the Events/Workshop is indicated as Live Event, we do not release the Recording to the General Public

Release of Workshop Slides (if any)

  • Please allow sometime , we will send the slides once the workshop speaker.

Required Resources for each Events/Workshop

  • Toastmasters of the Day.
  • Chat Monitor.
  • Co-Host/Zoom masters
  • Timer

SG Online Club Dress Code Policy

Every club is different so it really does depend on the club. Community clubs meeting at night or on the weekends might be casual while corporate clubs might require a more formal dress.

Dress Code Policy @ SG International Online English Toastmasters Club

Guys – Polo – Shirt or Business Shirt.

Ladies – Polo Shirt or Blouse


In general, just remember that appearance matters when it comes to public speaking.

While you don’t need to look like a supermodel to be taken seriously, you do want to make the effort to look clean and neat.

You should always dress up a notch whenever you give speech – Toastmasters related or not. And if you’re looking to get hired as a speaker, all the more reason to dress up.

Zoom Breakout Room Policy @ SG Online Club Meeting

What is Zoom Breakout Room?

From FAQ

  • Breakout rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting into up to 50 separate sessions.
  • The meeting host can choose to split the participants of the meeting into these separate sessions automatically or manually and can switch between sessions at any time. 

When we use Breakout Room?

  • For hosting Contests.
  • .For Hosting workshop that require discussion.

Why were we not using this Zoom Breakout Room during Chapter meeting?

  • Moving attendees to the breakroom room take 1 minute.
  • Attendees take 1 minute to enter the breakout Room.
  • Moving attendees OUT breakroom room take 1 minute.
  • Attendees take 1 minute to leave the breakout room and might risk leaving the chapter meetings.

    How much time left we have in a 10 minute to network?

Why the Zoom Host does not want to pass the Host account to someone else?

  • For Technology Reasons like a Internet Connectivity issue.
  • Not everyone’s device is able to support Zoom technology.
  • What if the Zoom host accidentally Click “END the meeting? Everyone will kicked out the meeting. There will be 2 meeting recordings and the person who handled the Host account will had to buy video editing software, spend time to combining the recordings and then risk harddisk failure when video processing in running/

Can the Co-host of the meeting start Breakout Room?

Co-host can only be facilitators to the meeting

From FAQ

Evaluation Policy

The Club Policy on Evaluation:

Assignment of Evaluator to Speaker

An evaluator is assigned to the speaker with the right skills, knowledge and experience related to the project manual speech. This helps to develop the skills of the speaker.

The assigned evaluator can only be finalized by Friday 12 noon GMT+8. The speaker can then proceed to send the evaluation form to the evaluator.

Evaluation forms

The evaluation form is available online (see the link beside the speaker.

The evaluation can log in to to update the evaluation of the speaker.

What to expect after the meeting:

Do expect delays of 1-2 months in receiving written evaluation forms from the evaluators.

You can use the Members tab at SGOnline Toastmost to find the contact details of the evaluator to follow up with the evaluator.


Should the assigned Evaluator be unable to attend the chapter meeting and thus be unavailable to be the Evaluator, the TMD/TME and VPE has the right to assign another Evaluator, conduct a round robin evaluation or a silent evaluation (as a last resort)

How to Join/Attend Singapore Int’l Online English Toastmasters Club Meeting

Joining a Meeting
The link to our online meetings is included with the confirmation message displayed on screen, and also emailed to you, when you register as a guest.

Members can find the online meetings details here

Because of Zoom’s updates to its security policies, the meeting link is no longer published on this page.

Software Download
On your first visit, you will be prompted to download and install the Zoom software, if you do not already have it on your computer.

Once you’ve installed the software, it should launch you into the online meeting session.

There is also a “join with your browser” option that should allow you to join the meeting without installing software. This is particularly worth trying if you’re having trouble with the software download. Some fancy features may be missing from the browser-only version, but you won’t necessarily care about those on your first visit.

Mobile Apps
It is also possible to join via the Zoom Mobile apps for iOS and Android. Follow the same link from your mobile device, and you will be prompted to download the app.

Attending the meeting on your phone will allow you to visit, but for full participation in our meetings using a PC is better.

If you can’t figure out how to access the meeting, and you are really stuck, here are a few people you can contact for help. Just keep in mind that depending on our meeting role, we might be too busy to see your email or call you back. And like everyone else, there may be times when we are not attending and tied up with other business or personal obligations.

How to book a Speaking Slot?

If you are a member of Singapore Online

  • Please provide the following details
    • Manual/Project
    • Speech Title
    • Brief Introduction of yourself

The last day to book your speaking slot will be Every Wednesday 9 pm. This is to allow the Club Officers to find an evaluator for your prepared speeches.

If you are a Toastmasters from Other Clubs

1 free speaking slot will be given to you and you will be assigned other meeting roles for the same meeting.

  • Please provide the following details
    • Manual/Project
    • Speech Title
    • Brief Introduction of yourself

      Please fill up this form for Toastmasters from other clubs.
  • The last day to book your speaking slot will be Every Wednesday 9 pm. This is to allow the Club Officers to find an evaluator for your prepared speeches.
  • Once the meeting reaches 3 hours 30 min, we stop accepting any speaking slots.
    Registration to the speaking slots by the Club President – Willie Loh

Process of Booking Speaking Slots @ SGOnline
WeeklyPaid SG online MembersOther TM
Wednesday 9pm GMT+88 Speaking slots for Paid Members submit Speaking Details /Take up Roles 2 External Speaking slot available. Request from VPE of the club
Thursday 9am GMT+8TMD for the week will remove speakers if details is not updatedTMD will follow up with appointment roles for their introduction
Friday 12 Noon GMT+8Inform TMD that they cannot make it, so the alternative Arrangement will be madeTMD will follow up for replacement appointment roles if any  for their introduction
Thursday 9am GMT+8Check for any speakers who details are not there and make the necessary changes to the program sheetAssignment of Evaluator will be finalised by VPE/TMD/Team
Friday 12 Noon GMT+8Check for any speakers withdraw and make the necessary changes to the program sheetEvalautor will received email of their allocation speaker and click on the button on the speaker for the evalaution form

The flow

DayDescription of Activities
Tuesday/WednesdayFirst Email of the Agenda would be sent out on Tuesday/Wednesday to remind members.
Wednesday 9pm GMT+8The agenda will be locked to prevent changes.
ThursdayTMOD/VPE/CP will have the right to remove speakers without any introduction.
FridayFinal agenda is automtically send out via email by Toastmost.

Any changes/request made will have to communicate to the TMOD/VPE/CP

  • TMOD of the meeting
  • VPE – Alicia
  • CP – Willie Loh