Booking of Zoom facilities for Toastmasters Club / Zoom Master/Zoom Host Policy from Singapore International Online English Toastmasters Club

Booking of Zoom Facilities


  • Please give seven days advanced notice for booking of Zoom facilities for Toastmasters Club.
  • It is to ensure the Zoom facilities slot is available.
  • Last-minute booking of Zoom facilities for Toastmasters Club depends on the availability of the Zoom facilities.

Zoom Host / Zoom Master

  • We had a set of guidelines as a Zoom master/zoom host for different types of events.
  • Please ensure the music played during the zoom meeting is not copyright as Youtube will remove the segment.’


  • The event recording will be available via an Unlisted link and uploaded to SG Intl Online English Toastmasters Club Youtube Channel.
  • It would not be shared on any online storage applications due to security reasons.

How to book Zoom Meeting

  • For any Zoom booking for any discussion/meeting, please fill-up the following form, and I will reply to you within 2 working days. You need to key each date for each event.
  • This is to facilitate ensuring the there is the availability of zoom slots to just one communication channel.
  • Please go to to book for your next Zoom meeting